Example: home automation with winkhel step by step



We are going to explain step by step an example to make the home automation with winkhel. We provide all what you need to run the example and see how working our products.

1. What are we going to automate?

We are going to control the following devices:

  • Simple lighting
  • Dimming lighting 0-10VDC (turn on/turn off/dimming)
  • Color led strip (turn on with a RGB color)
  • Electric lock to access control (activate the electric lock a few seconds)

2. Hardware

Control hardware

  • 1 WK0500. It is the system master. It communicates with other modules via Modbus RTU devices and user interface system (PC, mobile phone, etc..) via Modbus TCP. It is responsible for updating the state of each of the domotic elements and send user commands to other modules.
  • 1 WK0400.It is a module with four 16A relay outputs that allow us to control the simple lighting and the electric lock.IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT WK0400 HAS THE MICROSWITCHES ALWAYS IN OFF POSITION BECAUSE THEY ARE USED TO CHANGE THE MODBUS ADDRESS.
  • 1¬†WK0700. It is a module with four outputs for regulation 1-10VDC and I2C communication. It is connected to WK0400 via I2C and its dimming output is connected to the led driver.
  • 1 led driver with 1-10VDC output and RGB output.
  • 1 AVR ISP STK500 programmer. It allows to program the modules.

Electrical hardware

  • One 1-10VDC dimmable luminaire.
  • One standard luminaire for simple lighting. It may be just a bulb.
  • One led strip for RGB controlling. It is a strip with red, green and blue leds. so colors are created from the intensity of each of these leds.
  • One electric lock of 12VDC. It is installed in the door frame and unlocks when is powered.
  • Two standard push button.


3. Software

Software developed by winkhel


3. Steps to run the example







The control software allows you to configure the system to dump the program modules and act on the system.

To begin, we must dump the program for each module: the wk0500 and wk0400. To do this, launch the file InmoticaArduino.exe. A window that allow us to connect to the master once configured the system. Please, close this window.



The following screen is displayed. We must select the option "Update Firmware" in the top menu.



Connect the STK500 AVR programmer to winkhel module. It must be connected in the pins that are located in the board, please, remove the box cover to see them (ONLY STK500 IS COMPATIBLE WITH THIS OPTION, IF YOU HAVE OTHER ISP PROGRAMMER, YOU MUST USE " ATMEL AVR STUDIO" TO PROGRAM MODULES)





Connect the other end of STK500 AVR programmer to a USB port on your PC. Click on "Update port list" and select the appropriate port. REMEMBER THAT ALL THE MICROSWITCHES OF WK0400 HAVE TO BE IN THE OFF POSITION.

Firmware upload


Click on "File selection. Hex", select the file. hex that you have downloaded and click "SEND".

Repeat for WK0400 module. Once done, the modules will be ready.

IP address of master is, our PC must be configured to use this IP range.



Run the software Domotica_Winkhel.exe and it connects with master device. It is displayed the monitoring screen:




To send to the master the software settings, we must do the following:


  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Diagnosis"
  • In the connection window, click on "OK".
  • We are now in the software environment that allows us to configure new elements. Click on the menu "master".
  • Several options are displayed, click on "Syncronize", this window is appears:




With option on the right selected "All", click on "Send (add)".

Everything is ready to start testing the system!



If you want to try this example, we supply a kit with everything you need, ask us for information:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it