I just want to control the blinds ... uncomplicated


Let's see how we can control the blinds in a very simple way but it will be very functional and very practical without configuration or software installation.

The control is as follows:

Using two push-buttons, we can up, down or stop each blind individually. With one pulse the blind up or down totally and, if we hold the push button, the blind up or down during that time.

Also we will form groups, so that we can get up or down all the blinds in the same group together. The groups will be dynamic, ie, it will not be necessary to reprogram the module to reconfigure the groups.

Finally, let's see how we can install a push button to up or down all the blinds of a group. This can be very useful if we configure a group containing all the blinds and we place the push button near the exit door of the house.


First step: the hardware

We only go to use wk0300 modules. We have to use one wk0300 to control each blind.

The connection between each wk0300 with each blind is as follows:




Downloading the firmware

Download here the .hex file that you have to download to each module. All the devices have the same program, we will configure each one using the dip switch placed on the board.

Do not you remember how to download the firmware? See our tutorial: example of home automation system with winkhel and remember that you need a programmer!


Setting groups

The groups are setting using the dip switches availables in the board. We need to put the switch in the ON position for the groups containing the module we are configuring. For example, if we want to set the three groups: wk0300

Blinds of children bedrooms: group number 1

Master bedroom blinds: group number 2

Blinds of the living room: group number 3

We have to set the wk0300 of children bedrooms with the switch number 1 in ON position.  After that, we have to set the wk0300 placed in the master bedroom with the switch number 2 in ON posotion. For the group number 3 we have to do the same thing, we need to set the switch number 3 of all the wk0300 placed in the living room in ON position.
* One wk0300 can be in more than one group, you can set two or more switches in ON position at the same time.


And try!

Try to push in the wk0300 of each blind and test that all works fine. After that, try to push three times in the push button to up or down one blind: you will see that all the blinds of its group do the same action.



"Master" function:  control one group from anywhere

If you want to put a button to down all the blinds when you leave home or if you want to down the blinds of all bedrooms when you go to sleep, you can configure one of the wk0300 as "master". You just have to follow these simple steps:


1. Program one wk0300 as a masterDownload here the .hex and program the device like you do before.


2. Set the group of the master. We have to configure the group of the master device with the dip switch, in the same way that we set the rest of devices, so, when the master  el mismo modo que has hecho con el resto de wk0300, when the master receives a pulse of up or down, will send it to rest of wk0300 of its group.


3. Install. The instalation is the same that the rest of wk030, the diference is that the master only has bus and push buttons, it has not any blind engine.



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